Investment Property Selection Assistance

At Lending Consortium we are passionate about assisting our clients to build their property portfolio. We know property is a powerful asset class that plays an important role in wealth creation. Through our carefully vetted business partners we can make it easy for you to make great investment decisions. Our partners are at the cutting edge of the industry with proven track records in using research to identify growth markets and strong investment opportunities. The acquisitions team is dedicated to securing the best investment properties – and often negotiates exclusive offers for our clients.

The philosophy is straight forward: help you select from quality, individually styled developments in high growth,
inner-urban locations that take advantage of all the investment and lifestyle benefits Melbourne has to offer.

Our clients can be confident that the properties on offer have been carefully selected because of locations close to transport, shopping and entertainment precincts. Each project is carefully designed and costed to ensure it is  attractive to investors and provides strong rental returns and capital growth. Master the art of smart investing by talking to one of our advisers today call 1300 559 917