Investment Loans

Investment Loans
Good investment loans can make the process of purchasing a property for investment purposes straightforward and easy to manage during the life of your investment.  Varying in complexity, the investment loan you choose […]

Selection Assistance

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Investment Property Selection Assistance

Investment Property Selection Assistance
At Lending Consortium we are passionate about assisting our clients to build their property portfolio. We know property is a powerful asset class that plays an important role in wealth creation. Through […]

Equity Release

Equity Release
Investors looking to build a portfolio and hold their current property, or their home, are looking for ways to jump into the next opportunity or begin the wealth creation journey. While selling one property […]

Managed Super Funds

Lending to Self Managed Super Funds
The number of Self-Managed Super Funds has dramatically increased in recent years with more people
wishing to take control of their super.
What exactly is a Self Managed Super Fund?
A Self […]

Residential Property

Residential Property Loans
Investing in residential property has always been a popular investment option.  It is an asset class that historically, over the long term, has produced satisfactory returns for a lot of investors. Arguably, […]