Turn your invoices to cash flow in 24 hours…

Imagine how much easier business could be if customers paid your invoices in 24 hours? If your business is being slowed down by cash flow, late payments or an inflexible bank funding solution, Debtor Finance could be the answer. Debtor Finance can advance up to 85% of the value of your invoices in 24 hours, meaning you get access to the cash from your sales straight away to help meet expenses and fund new sales.

The many benefits of Debtor Finance and debt Factoring

Improve your cash flow to stay in control of creditors, tax and better manage growth

Increase working capital to accelerate growth

Spend less time chasing payment and more time chasing business

Free the family home from the business

Fast access to funding in only 24 hours to help you take advantage of opportunities

Funding limits grows in line with your sales, supporting you as you grow

Forget the slow pace and red tape of traditional lenders who look at the past. We work with a global lenders who understand small and medium sized businesses. Talk to us about finding as ideal funding partner to free up the cash flow in your business.